Make your best pitch to be on the list.

I should be on the 30 Under 30 List because I am passionate about eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health, uniting health and wellness providers to better care for their clients and giving those professionals the tools they need to start and run their own businesses. We also provide autism awareness training to first responders and are working with veterans to help manage their struggles with PTSD. I left a secure job in banking to follow my passion into the wellness world. To date I have helped form 12 different health and wellness companies, consult for individual practices and addiction facilities on how to further their growth, practice management and client satisfaction. Our wellness network is gaining steam and is geared toward creating convenience for those people who want to take care of themselves but do not have the time or do not want to sacrifice time to do so. While finding providers to collaborate on this project with, I noticed that many were at capacity and were not prepared to grow. Most of these practitioners are fantastic at their trade; however, they are very unsure how to run their business. Our accelerator program is designed to help people build a solid infrastructure from the ground up to allow them to grow smoothly and profitably. Our offices run a social media. My newest project is creating a marketing and practice management resources website for the wellness industry. As a subscription-based site, members have access to different presentation topics, marketing strategies, tutorials on how to increase exposure, guidance for designing their practice and various other tools. This came about, in part, because of the lack of resources for someone starting out on their own. I don't shy away from training competitors in my market because I believe in small business and encourage people to start out on their own.

Who else thinks you're awesome?

I work closely with the Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization, providing guidance, break out session speeches and mentorship to members. I spoke at their National Conference (the most recent topic: When to Pivot and When to Persevere) and have continued to work with two students guiding them through starting their own businesses. I also recently signed on as a mentor and am in the process of joining the Community Advisory Board for the Future Founders Foundation located in Chicago. Both have asked me to increase my participation due to their student requests. I speak at my alma mater in the business school and to different organizations on campus about running a company and entrepreneurship in general. I also head the sub-committees at the Mid-America club on entrepreneurship and the health and wellness industry. I work closely with the Founders of Brainpaint (Bill and Cora Scott) to advance their mission as well as our own. I consult for them when they need specific billing, training or marketing advice.

Does your company have a social mission? If so, describe it.

We have a fund in our mental health and wellness programs designed to give access to the indigent population. This fund is funded by local businesses and private donations, and 10% of our income is funneled into the fund. Our neurofeedback program has proven extremely effective in helping those that struggle with mental health. Our goal is to make our services as accessible as possible. We are in the process of creating a similar program in our Wellness Network. Since we are partnering with many different health and wellness companies, we decided to set up Saturday clinics in low socioeconomic areas to bring wellness services to the under served. While not free, these services are drastically reduced and all of the proceeds go to purchase local produce and healthy alternatives. In the early third quarter we are launching our camp for children that will expose them to different wellness careers as well as the education needed to get there. These camps will focus on science, math and being active.

What are you passionate about other than your business?

I am extremely passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. Whether it be through helping others navigate their own business or through volunteer programs, my goal is to help others leave the excuses behind and follow their passions. I am on the inaugural Board of Ambassadors for The Cara Program. "The Cara Program prepares and inspires motivated individuals to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, transform their lives, strengthen our communities, and forge paths to real and lasting success." When I am not out helping others chase their passions, I am cooking or playing with my dog. I love to throw dinner parties and a tennis ball. One of my passions that I have put on hold (but will pick up again this year) is traveling. Through my volunteer work and through my company I will be doing a lot more traveling. I plan on extending those trips in order to take in a little "me" time as well.