Make your best pitch to be on the list.

This is a bit unusual, but in 2013 I founded, a volunteer organization of designers and developers that has been helping push forward the boundaries on technology advocacy. We helped coordinate and ran the tech for, a massive coalition of advocacy groups against NSA surveillance, and we are currently planning a massive SOPA-like protest on February 11th at We're completely distributed and have built a load of completely innovative technology to make online, technology-related campaigns more effective.

Who else thinks you're awesome?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (activism director: Rainey Reitman), Free Press (contact: Joshua Levy), Demand Progress (contact: David Segal), Mozilla (contact: Alex Fowler or Geoffrey McDougal), Google (contact: Derek Slater).

Does your company have a social mission? If so, describe it.

To improve online advocacy and empower constituents to influence their legislators in Congress to make better decisions about technology policy.

What are you passionate about other than your business?

We're all coders and developers who care about politics.