You've been reading our stories. You've read our guides to the issues. Now, have your voice heard. Vote on our weekly polls and tell the world what you think about the latest business issues being debated in Washington.

Featured Issue Polls

Will the Ledbetter Law affect your business?

No, I already hang on to all my employee paperwork and I pay workers fairly.

Yes, I'll have to keep employee paperwork longer and be more detailed.

Yes, I'm being sued.


What do you think of President Obama's decision to increase federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research?

I approve.

I don't approve.


Other Polls

Do you think the stimulus package will help your business?


Maybe indirectly



Should the government demand a direct ownership stake in any major bank that takes emergency funds?




How did President Bush handle small business during his administration?

He was definitely pro-small business — keeping taxes low with minimal regulations.

He didn't hurt small business but he didn't help either.

He was anti-small business—his tax breaks were all for big business.


Which version of the Stimulus do you prefer:

House version

Senate version



In his first 100 days in office, Obama should focus mostly on:

Jumpstarting the economy

Successfully ending the war in Iraq

Instituting affordable healthcare for all

Mandating the use of alternative sources of energy


How would you characterize your interest in Obama's inauguration?

I'm going to Washington to see it firsthand.

I'll watch it on television.

I don't plan to watch it.


What do you think of President-Elect Barack Obama's recent staff appointments?

He's building a well-rounded and knowledgeable team.

I'm not happy with everyone he's chosen but good choices overall.

It looks like the who's who of the same old Washington.


Should the automotive industry get a bailout?

Yes, the bailout will help the economy.

No, the bailout should go to small businesses.

No, the government should stop handing out bailouts.


Are your expectations of President-elect Barack Obama too high?

No, I understand the gravity of the challenges the new government faces.

No, my expectations were never high to begin with.

Yes, I expect him to deliver on most of his promises within his first several months in office.


Has the last debate changed your mind about who you'll vote for?



No, but I was slightly swayed


Who do you think has handled the economic crisis more effectively?



Not sure


Should the minimum wage be raised each year to keep up with inflation?




Who would you rather have involved in your healthcare?

A government bureaucrat

An insurance company bureaucrat


Should Net Neutrality matter to small businesses?




Should businesses be forced to use an electronic system to verify if immigrant workers are legal?




Can small businesses find growth in a green economy?




Should the wealthiest 1% pay higher taxes to balance out a tax-cut for the other 99% of Americans?