Kool Moe Dee "I Go to Work"
The New York rap legend says it best: "Open the door playtime is over/Time to go to work and show the suckers in the place who run their face/A taste of the base and who's the ace."

LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends"
Starting with a hypnotic piano note played over and over, the song slowly builds to a fist-pumping climax. You’ll want to break down the door.

R.E.M. "Finest Worksong"
It’s a ringing-guitar, pulsing-beat boffo call to arms. Bring it.

Eminem "Lose Yourself"
One shot, one opportunity to seize it. Em lays down the gauntlet.

Arcade Fire "Wake Up"
If U2 can use it as the song they use to take the stage each night, it’ll work for you on the way to the boardroom.

The Rolling Stones "Start Me Up"
A little obvious to be sure, but it’s one of the greatest air-guitar moments of all time.

Chemical Brothers "Block Rockin’ Beats"
If you’re not bouncing off the walls in your office during this one, something is seriously wrong with you.