DJ Class "I'm the Ish"
The lyrics are filthy, but the sentiment is clear: You are the bomb up in this hizzy.

Eric B. & Rakim Paid in Full
From the opening "I Ain't No Joke" to the title track, this rap classic will make you bust out those break-dance moves from junior high.

Oasis Definitely Maybe
It's a collection of instant gratification songs about being a rock 'n' roll star, flying supersonic, and quaffing cigarettes and alcohol. Time to par-tay!

ZZ Top "Just Got Paid"
It offers up some Texas-fried boogie as a reminder that you got some extra change in the pocket today.

L'il Wayne "A Milli"
"I'm a millionaire, I'm a young millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair." Say what? Mr. Carter's lyrics may be wack but the milli, the milli, the milli is there.

Guns N' Roses "Paradise City"
Where there's more green, the girls are more pretty. Take one of them home.

Prince "Let's Go Crazy"
The title speaks for itself. If you can refuse the come-hither air-guitar moment, you're a better person than I am.