There are countless ways to create a new enterprise, but there is only a succinct quadrant of characters that define its form, the reality it expresses, and the manifestation of its reason for being.

Those succinct quadrants of entrepreneurial characters constitute the reality of an entrepreneur. They are: The Dreamer, The Thinker, The Storyteller, and The Leader.

I have written about them at great length in my book, "Awakening the Entrepreneur Within." But, to address them here through the context of a new enterprise, allow me to give you the insight you'll need to apply them to your own inquiry.

The Dreamer is absolutely the essential personality at the heart of a new entrepreneur. The Dreamer sees and commits to the creation of a great result. That great result-The Dream-means everything to a great enterprise. It is its heart and soul. At the outset of my entrepreneurial career, my Dream, my Great Result, was stated in the words: "To transform the state of small business worldwide."

That's what I set out to do in 1975, and that remains my Dream even today, some 40 years after I first committed myself to doing it.

Your Dream doesn't change over time; it remains constant. How you manifest your Dream, however, how you fulfill it, will most certainly change over time, but not the heart and the soul of it.

Which goes on to say, therefore, that you measure new entrepreneurs by the size and mettle of their Dream, and their ability to turn it into a reality.

The Thinker is the second quadrant of an entrepreneur's personality. The Dreamer has a Dream; the Thinker has a Vision.

The Thinker is the guy who puts structure to the Dream and shapes it into a business through which the Dream becomes a reality. Conceives the body of it, you might say.

"This is the business model," the Thinker says, "this is the way the enterprise will look in the world."

In my case, I thought McDonald's. If my Dream was to transform the state of small business worldwide, then my vision was to invent the McDonald's of small business consulting.

Turnkey consulting. In the hands of "kids at minimum wage."

See the golden arches. See the turnkey business development system our "kids" would deliver, all at very low cost, all through the intelligence of an enterprise development system.

A universal system, which could be applied to every business, in every industry no matter how small, no matter what its products or services were. All in the hands of minimum wage kids, just like McDonald's.

"Impossible," everybody said to me then. But what if it were possible? "What then?" the Thinker says to the Dreamer, who just smiles.

This, then, is the essential nature of The Dreamer and The Thinker.

I'll talk about The Storyteller in my next article.

Talk to you then.