Many marketers have written off the infographic as a shiny bobble that doesn't generate ROI. I sat down with Muhammad Yasin, marketing director at HCC Medical Insurance Services and social media guru, to break down how one infographic brought in more targeted traffic than any other day in the company website's history.

Planning the Content

HCC Medical had just launched extreme-sports coverage as part of the Atlas Travel Insurance product. Yasin wanted to attract his target demographic through a compelling infographic.

"We were looking to create fresh content for a new segment of younger customers that spend a lot of time researching online ahead of adventure trips," Yasin said.

Intense brainstorming sessions with the Slingshot SEO viral media team centered on what kind of infographic could bring the most value to Internet-savvy adventure travelers. The team created an outline that focused on providing three areas of valuable content: what to pack for adventure travel, adventure-travel destination suggestions, and a fun interactive quiz with a reward badge that could be instantly shared on social media platforms.

Viral Campaign Strategy

The plan started with getting buy-in from influential adventure-travel bloggers and those with social media presence, which involved getting these users involved in the design process. Sharlene Boodram, the Slingshot SEO viral media coordinator, led the design team, with input from Yasin and the chosen online influencers. These users were treated as experts and given access to design planning, with feedback and other sneak-peek opportunities. This process ignited enthusiasm around the final Explorer Travel Guide and guaranteed social shares when it launched.

A drip campaign of teaser pieces of the infographic was released on a Facebook fan page prior to the infographic launch; it attracted more than 10,000 followers. Curating good content for the Facebook page was essential, since the real intent behind Yasin's social media campaign is building community.

Boodram also coordinated the infographic release with multiple media outlets, including USA Today, CNN Travel, Fox News Travel, AARP Travel, Best of Media Group and the Inquirer. Other promotional targets included influential travel bloggers and social media users, for placement as well as multiple press releases on top media outlets.

Results Breakdown

The launch resulted in the highest number of unique visitors in the website's history. The average time on page was over 11 minutes, and over 97 percent of traffic was made up of new visitors introduced to the brand for the first time! Yasin credits his success to knowing exactly what the customer wants, noting, "A critical component of creating a solid experience with infographics is to base your content decisions on strong data about what the target demographic wants, instead of what you want."

Compelling content attracts users, whether it's an infographic, a compelling blog, or even a viral video. Launch your own infographic and drive new users from your demographic to your website. And break new records doing it!