Many organizations are searching for strategic direction to help them develop the kind of Web copy that can educate prospects on their business value. That content also needs to usher those prospects down the marketing funnel.

Savvy digital marketing departments understand that most serious buyers do research online, and have most likely made up their decision before they reach out to a business to start the sales process. As a result, most Web copy focuses on educating prospects and providing a wealth of information about the business as well as industry-specific challenges.

There's nothing wrong with creating content like this, but it is the implementation of this strategy where most marketing organizations can improve.

Educational content by nature lends itself to being very technical. While this information is extremely helpful to certain parts of the brain, however, it is not helpful in the decision-making areas of the brain.

This is your brain on shopping

Technical information is processed by an area of the brain called the neocortex. This area gathers and processes information, but it has very little influence on decision-making.

The decision-making area of the brain lies in a region called the limbic system, which controls our emotions. While many of us believe that our brains make decisions through logic, our buying decisions are actually driven by the emotional area of our brain.

This means that marketers need to develop Web copy that appeals to the limbic system, playing to the emotions of the readers. The problem is that while technical information is important, it will lose the battle for emotions every time.

How to create copy that captures emotions

To craft copy that connects with readers on an emotional level, focus on developing Web copy that informs prospects about your products or services, while remaining centered on your brand story. Helping your prospects identify your brand story with the story they want to tell about themselves is the best way to activate emotional cues in the limbic system--and it's the best way to engage prospects and push them down the funnel.

People buy with emotions and justify with logic, so technical copy does have its place in the buying funnel. Just to make sure to keep the emotional cues of your brand story at the core of your Web copy so that you keep your prospects decision-making processes active while they are on your website.