LED technology has changed so many industries by getting a ton of light in a tiny space on a fraction of the power, including TVs, to vehicles - and now skateboards.

There are no shortage of LED kits out there that many people have used for skateboards, but the end result is a clunky, wired mess of cables, batteries and mounting brackets. Ekick is the first LED skateboard add-on that fits seamlessly on any skateboard. The slick design and universal fit will take your night skating experience to a new level, without adding wires, weight and hassle.

Ekick Technologies, a startup based right here in NYC, is revolutionizing the skateboarding community with the debut of their long-awaited Torpedo Lights Mark IV. The TLM4 is unlike any other skateboarding accessory out there, and was created with one key feature in mind: safety. Not only does it look great, but it will also enhance your presence on the road.

Designed to Move With You

Just like your skateboard or longboard, the TLM4 is designed to take a beating. With so many different types of boards, the creators had to design a device that suits every skater - whether they're into trying tricks or just cruising around. Ekick Technologies also worked with World Champion Pro Downhill Longboarder Patrick Switzer for more than a year to create what they claim to be a great marriage of technology and design in a single device.

The system is encased with a steel unibody housing, making it rigid and waterproof. The creative mounting channels make it simple for those with varying wheelbase options, offering the option to mount it either on the top or bottom of the board. High-powered LED's offer a wide range of visibility and the rechargeable battery lasts six hours per charge. The recessed lenses allow the body to absorb most of the impact if the board takes a slam.

Engineered to Take a Beating and Look Great

Designing for a skateboard is a huge challenge from all of the vibration - skateboard components must be able to survive a constant, mini-earthquake that never stops when in use. The TLM4 takes advantage of a key part of any skateboard or longboard - the trucks.

The steel casing fits between the trucks and deck of any skateboard, which makes the TLM4 not only a universal fit - but also channels the impact from the trucks directly through the steel plate to the deck, avoiding impact loads on the LED lights. This smart design looks durable and sleek.

Smart Space Conservation & Minimal Design

Getting rechargeable batteries, wires, LED lights, charging hardware into the thin space between the skateboard deck and the ground, typically measured in millimeters, is asking a lot. Ekick managed to include all of this hardware into a sleek, minimal design by positioning the batteries directly behind the lights.

This is convenient from the perspective of the electronics and the usable space under the deck. It is refreshing to see sleek minimal design that doesn't add unnecessary ornamental features.

Find Ekick on Kickstarter

Ekick is doing a ton right for their Kickstarter campaign. They have endorsements from industry thought leaders like Patrick Switzer, clear explanations on historical and future development timelines, and a great video.

You can find the Torpedo Lights Mark IV now on Kickstarter for a discounted price. With your support, they will be able to raise enough funds for mass production and tooling costs. Other perks on their Kickstarter page include reflective T-shirts and a compact Ekick-certified key organizer.

Published on: Sep 15, 2016