So you're making a product video and you've got all the beauty shots, all the ecstatic fans ready to place their pre-order, and now you need some music to wrap up the raise video. But you're a startup - and music licensing fees just aren't in the budget! Luckily there are some free resources out there if you know where to look.

Many startups do choose to use commercialized music without a license, figuring that they are such small fish that the music industry won't care about them. After all, most entrepreneurs have a risk tolerance that includes walking on the fuzzy areas of the law!

But this isn't necessary - there are quite a few legal resources out there for free music that is as good or better than the average KickStarter video.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Quick & Easy: JinglePunks

JinglePunks is a great resource with 100% free music that doesn't charge a fee or require copyrights. The music is tagged by genre like Electronic, Pop, Soul, Country & more. What I find more helpful are the staff categories, which consist of titles like Bro Twang, Hipster Picnic, Epic Gaming, Coffee House & more. If you're looking for Kickstarter music, look no further than Hipster Picnic.

You can favorite songs and download files directly from JinglePunks to include in your startup's product videos.

Best Quality: Free Music Archive

I just started using this site and it might be the best one yet. The  FMA might be the oldest database on the web of free music, as it is an extension of WFMU - billing itself as the most renown freeform radio station in America.

Navigating the FMA isn't as simple JinglePunks, but you can search by genre. Be sure to check the box for 'allows commercial use' and you'll be kosher for your startup video. Here is an example commercial FMA search that does just that.

The Leftovers: Youtube Audio Library

The Youtube Creator Studio also has a decent library of free music. Its not as expansive as JinglePunks or the FMA and many of the tracks and artists require disclaimers and links to their profiles if you choose to use their music. However, there are some great artists on the Youtube Audio Library like Silent Partner (my personal favorite) that don't require disclaimers in your video credits.

However, the Youtube Audio Library is by far the lowest quality of the three so be sure to check out the FMA and JinglePunks first.

Let me know what resource worked for you, and paste a link to your startup's video below!