Airbnb has “acqhired”  talent from photo-sharing platform DailyBooth—including the company’s CEO Brian Pokorny.  

Though details of the deal weren't made public, TechCrunch reported that the virtual home rental service will take on “key design and engineering talent behind the DailyBooth and Batch apps.”  Airbnb has not acquired the company’s technology or the apps themselves, according to All Things D.

DailyBooth, a 2009 Y Combinator alum, brought on Pokorny less than two years ago after his departure from SV Angel. In his time with the start-up, Pokorny expanded the product line to mobile--most notably, with the launch of the now popular photo-sharing app, Batch. 

Considering that Airbnb gets about 20% of its traffic is through mobile platforms, Pokorny’s experience seems to be in line with the company’s goals.
Development on DailyBooth and Batch will reportedly stop while the team shifts focus to new products, reported TechCrunch.