Though Apple has not made a formal statement about entering the digital health market, is it only a matter of time before the tech leader moves in that direction?

That's the case that VentureBeat's Christina Farr made in a post today. 

According to Farr, Apple's move into wearable technology (a la the rumored iWatch) sets the company up perfectly to enter this already crowded market, that includes fast-growing start-ups including Pebble. 

Farr cited Missy Krasner, executive in residence at Morganthaler Ventures. 

She wrote: 

Opportunities for Apple are wide open. Krasner expects Apple will tackle sensor technologies and remote patient monitoring, wearable devices (beginning with the iWatch), and potentially also weight management later down the line.

In addition, the explosion of new clinical and fitness apps in the App Store -- over 10,000 at present -- may force Apple’s hand. The company has made it a point to regulate its App Store, and promote the highest-quality apps. Some clinical apps have not been moderated, which may even put consumers’ health at risk.

Another indication of Apple's possible move into digital health: The company has made some recent hires, including Ueyn Block, formerly of C8 MediSensors, and Todd Whitehurst, formerly of Senseonics.