LinkedIn has launched two new tools that could help you measure your company's marketing success on the social platform, according to the company's blog

One of the tools, called Content Marketing Score, provides companies with insight on the impact of their paid and organic content on LinkedIn. The analytics tool takes the total number of LinkedIn users that engage with a business's LinkedIn Groups, Company Pages, Sponsored Updates, employee updates, and influencer posts, and divides it by the total number of active LinkedIn users in the company's target audience. 

The company's score is then ranked against those of its competitors (which are not named). LinkedIn will offer businesses suggestions on how to improve their score. 

"By tracking performance on a monthly basis, you get a powerful snapshot on how well you are engaging with your audience over time. With this knowledge, you'll be empowered to upgrade your strategy to optimize engagement with your target," Valter Sciarrillo, a LinkedIn marketing executive, wrote on the blog. 

The other new feature, Trending Content, is a list of topics that resonate with a company's target audience. The topics range from entrepreneurship to mobile technologies, but they will provide businesses with things they should be talking to their audience about on the networking platform.