For the past several weeks, Inc. has been tracking the mentions of 25 startups and 25 tech CEOs on social media. The data on which these articles are based has been collected by social media intelligence agency Synthesio.

What is this company that's assidiously mining all manner of social media data? Founded in 2006 by Loic Moisand and Thibault Hanin, Synthesio got its start in Burgundy, France--a location, Moisand says, that is "great for tourism but not great for technology." The duo started with the idea of using software to help large brands better understand their customers online and interact with them more effectively.

Today, Synthesio has more than 100 employees spread throughout offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, and its data-mining software is available in 50 languages. It pulls data from the major social media networks--Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others--as well as from discussion forums and other sources. Synthesio can get data from 600 million sites in real time, according to Moisand, the company's CEO.

"Our mission is to really deeply understand what we call social intelligence and to provide people with clear data," Moisand says. "I truly believe that a good marketer should have one or two key metrics that they can track over time to monitor success."

The goal is to provide these brands with actionable insights based on what people are saying about them online. For example, using Synthesio technology, Blackberry learned that its phones were still very popular in Indonesia, and increased its sales and marketing efforts there.

Currently, Synthesio has more than 500 customers, including such big-name clients as Microsoft, Nissan, Dyson, and McDonald's.