A number of celebrities--from Jessica Alba to Sammy Hagar--have become entrepreneurs or start-up investors. Now, every tween girl's obsession, singer Justin Bieber joins the celebrity start-up club as an investor. 

The Bieber-backed start-up is called Shots of Me and it launched yesterday. Now available only on iOS devices, Shots of Me is basically a social network dedicated to selfies, or in other words--photos users take of themselves, reported The Verge

Bieber led the $1.1 million seed investment round for the teen-focused social network, which was developed by RockLive's John and Sam Shahidi. In another post, The Verge reported that boxer Floyd Mayweather and VC Shervin Pishevar also invested in the app. 

Shots of Me users are required to take photos through the iOS app to enforce the selfies-only rule. Additionally, the network revolves entirely around photos--without any comment features for users--a feature meant to limit cyberbullying, reported Tech Crunch

Apparently, this feature was a big selling point for the pop-star. 

The commenting thing was something [Bieber] really cared about. Not just for himself, but for the kids. He said ‘I want a platform where my fans don’t have to deal with this. We didn’t ask him for money. He said ‘I want to be part of this,’” Shots of Me CEO John Shahidi told Tech Crunch in an interview.  

Though the singer just lost his title to Katy Perry as the number one most followed person on Twitter, he still touts 46,949,599 followers (at time of reporting) so it will be interesting to see how Bieber's social media influence lends itself to the app's success.