Photo, from left: Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter reached a huge milestone Monday, passing $1 billion in total pledges. 

The Brooklyn, New York-based startup, founded in 2009 by Charles Adler, Yancey Strickler, and Perry Chen, has received pledges from more than 5.7 million people. According to the company's website, more than half of the $1 billion in pledges was raised during the last 12 months, signaling that crowdfunding continues to stake its claim as a viable source of capital for businesses.

The U.S. led all countries in the amount of money pledged, with more than $633 million, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada. In total, pledges have flowed in from 224 countries and territories across all seven continents, the company says. 

Nearly 1.7 million people have backed more than one project on Kickstarter, including almost 16,000 who have backed more than 50 projects on the platform.