A variety of different personalities have participated in Reddit's "Ask Me Anything," or AMA, threads. Visitors to the social networking and news site have even had the opportunity to query the likes of President Obama, Bill Gates, and Sir David Attenborough.

Now entrepreneur and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has joined the ranks of famous AMA participants, taking part in an online conversation with thousands of Redditors on Thursday. Friday morning, the Internet was abuzz with what Martha shared--from her top sex tip (always bathe before and after) to her lament that she isn't better friends with rapper Snoop Lion.

And though it's incredibly entertaining that Redditors posed questions that prompted Stewart to discuss her love of singer Pharrell Williams and her strong anti-tattoo stance, there was a missed opportunity in the AMA: No one asked Stewart how she managed to build a multimillion-dollar company and to maintain her reputation even after her stint in prison for securities fraud.

It appears people care more about what types of Moroccan food Stewart enjoys than her personal branding secrets. Still, it was nice to see a softer side of Martha. Here are a handful of things you probably didn't know about her:

  • Stewart's favorite movie of the year was The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • She doesn't think that truffle oil belongs in anyone's kitchen.
  • Stewart changes her bedsheets everyday. She says, "It's a luxury."
  • Stewart's favorite parody of herself was Ana Gasteyer's portrayal of her on Saturday Night Live.
  • She has been modeling since the age of 13.
  • She ate a whole taco on Wednesday--after which she was still hungry.
  • If Stewart were to have a completely free day, she would watch the new season of House of Cards
  • She paints over the red soles of her Louboutins because one of her personal rules is "not to be a slave to fashion."
  • Stewart doesn't believe that kale is overrated and she never buys soda.
  • She has never eaten cookies baked by Snoop.
  • Stewart thinks the South Park episode she was in was "really cute."
  • She found the food in prison to be unremarkable.

So even though it was a little surprising Stewart didn't answer a single business-related question, it's safe to say that the AMA was not a disappointment. 

Published on: Mar 7, 2014