No matter how much people may dislike them, it looks like mobile advertisements are here to stay. 

According to a new report from New York-based research firm eMarketer, interest in mobile ads among marketers is greater than ever. Mobile ad spending in the United States is expected to hit $9.6 billion in 2013, the report said, more than double last year's total.

The mobile category accounted for 22.5 percent of all spending on digital ads in the U.S., nearly twice the percentage last year. Mobile ads are by far the fastest-growing category in the digital advertising space.

Google, the leader in mobile ad revenue, will claim 41.5 percent of all domestic mobile ad revenues in 2013, according to the report. Facebook occupies the second-spot among mobile ad sellers, taking in 16 percent of U.S. mobile ad revenues this year. 

Worldwide, mobile ad spending will total $18.15 billion for the year, according to eMarketer, and is expected to rise to $35.6 billion in 2017.