Even as a public company, Facebook keeps a lot of information on its usage private. A new report sent to some of the company's business partners, however, sheds new light on the platform's global efficacy.

Along with other information, the report, which was first obtained by TechCrunch, shows how Facebook plays a large role in users' travel plans--providing marketers with a unique opportunity. The report cites a Facebook-commissioned study that found 84 percent of users agree that photos of friends' and family's vacations inspire them, while more than half agree that they have been persuaded by photos on Facebook to visit a place they had never considered before.

Additionally, nearly all users head to Facebook before and after booking a trip, often posting links from travel sites. The report notes that 85 percent of users agree that friends and family recommendations on Facebook are tailored for them--a higher percentage than some dedicated travel sites such as TripAdvisor. 

So it seems that businesses involved in the travel industry have a large and motivated audience on the social network--it is just a matter of how they can leverage users' interest in others' trips.

Also of interest to marketers, the report broke down Facebook’s global mobile usage by individual countries rather than regions, the first time such data has been made available. For instance, Germany has 19 million daily active users overall, including 13 million mobile daily active users. The report broke down usage in this manner for countries including Italy, Turkey, Israel, Spain, and Sweden.