With many online retailers touting same-day delivery service--as well as the recent buzz over a future filled with Amazon delivery drones--the importance of getting customers their packages fast and free of headaches has never been greater. Quick, efficient shipping is one of the main ways that your business can differentiate itself. 

But even if you offer customers fast delivery, they aren't always home during typical mail-service hours. When they miss the delivery window, your effort to get them their package quickly ends up being wasted. 

This is a problem that New York-based Parcel wants to fix. The startup, founded last August, promises that it will deliver packages only when customers are actually home, Mashable reports

"We're offering retailers a way to win back regular customers and offer them seamless delivery experiences in a way that has never been possible," Parcel founder Jesse Kaplan tells Mashable.

So how does Parcel make sure people won't miss any deliveries and get those annoying notices on their doors? Customers create a Parcel account online and get a shipping address for a Parcel facility. The next time they buy something from a retailer, they give the Parcel address instead of their home address. Once the package gets to the Parcel facility, customers receive a text from the company and set up a drop-off time from 7 to 11 o'clock that night.

According to Mashable, Parcel serves more than 500 customers and costs $5 per package. Currently, Parcel  operates only in Manhattan, but visitors to the company's website can add their names and hometowns to a waiting list.