Today marks the start of the much-awaited and buzzed-about World Cup, with Brazil and Croatia kicking off at 4 p.m. Eastern time. The international soccer tournament has been trending on social media for weeks, and more than 74 percent of viewers expect to be on social networks while watching the games, according to a study conducted by social marketing company Crowdtap. So it's extremely beneficial for companies to join the conversation. 

"The teams aren't the only ones who can win over this audience.  Brands have a huge opportunity to make an impact and drive social influence at the World Cup.  Even though Adidas and Nike are spending the most money, they might not be the winners,” said Anna Kassoway, CMO of Crowdtap. 

This infographic sheds light on which platforms viewers will be on during games, the topics they will be posting about, and the types of devices they will be using.