On Monday at the 7th Annual Crunchies Award show in San Francisco, technology website TechCrunch honored the best startups in the tech world and provided a snapshot of the kinds of companies you would be wise to emulate.

The awards covered a range of categories, from the best CEO to the best technology achievement. It is worth taking a look at the complete list of winners, but here is a roundup of notable winners. 

  • Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter was named the Best Overall Startup of 2013, while Tinder, "the app for meeting people," took the title as the Best New Startup of 2013. 
  • Twitter's Dick Costolo was named CEO of the Year. Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowski of Dropbox were named the Founders of the Year, while Inc. Entrepreneur of the Year Aaron Levie of Box was runner-up in the category. Of note: Box was also a nominee in the Sexiest Enterprise Startup category. 
  • Bitcoin won the Best Technology Achievement category. 
  • Imgur was named the Best Bootstrapped Startup.
  • Upworthy took the the title as the Fastest Rising Startup. 
  • In the funding category, Chris Sacca was named the Angel of the Year, while Peter Fenton of Benchmark was named VC of the Year. 
  • Snapchat was named the Best Mobile Application of 2013.

The night was not all smiles and acceptance speeches, however. Outside San Francisco's Davies Symphony Hall, where the awards ceremony was held, 50 people gathered in protest of the awards at their own awards ceremony, dubbed "the Crappies." 

According to TechCrunch, the protesters gathered to voice their disapproval of tech companies, which they blame for causing a lack of affordable housing in the area. They also expressed their belief that tech companies in Silicon Valley do not pay their fair share in taxes. 

Published on: Feb 11, 2014