Looks like Twitter dumped LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn announced this morning that its users will no longer be able to post tweets via their profiles. 

The company’s product head Ryan Roslansky wrote in a blog post Monday that LinkedIn users will no longer be able to sync their accounts with Twitter. The relationship will now be one way, as users can still do the reverse (post their LinkedIn updates to Twitter).
The news, which marks a sudden end to a nearly three-year relationship, follows Twitter’s recent announcement that outlined new goals for creating a "core Twitter consumption experience through a consistent set of products and tools." 

Recently, the company has made efforts to set and enforce consistent rules for its partners. Twitter has ended relationships with mobile partners that display full tweets, however LinkedIn is the first big-name, non-mobile partner it has dumped.  

In related news, turns out not everyone is in Twitter’s dog house. The company just updated its mobile app for Facebook, which continues to allow users to post full tweets to their Facebook pages.