Twitter's newest update makes it imperative that you really put forethought into your company's tweets

On Monday, the social media platform announced its latest feature, called mute, which allows users to filter out content from Twitter users they would like to hear from a bit less. Unfortunately for businesses trying to spead their brand messages, it is safe to say that users will be more likely to mute companies than their friends. 

The feature, which Twitter will roll out over the coming weeks, will allow people on the platform to remove other users' activity from their Twitter interface. Users will not be notified that they have been muted, and will still be able to favorite, reply to, and retweet the tweets of the user who muted them. It is important to note that users can unmute others at any time. 

This means that you need to tread lightly when tweeting and promoting your brand. Too many tweets or one bad one might cause your audience to hit the mute button. Take for instance the Kenneth Cole tweet last September that trivialized the conflict in Syria--the company should consider itself lucky that muting was not yet available at the time.