Facebook is one of the hottest social networks for business owners. There are over 20,000 people on Facebook and as of Q1 of 2015, over 1.44 billion active monthly users.

Who wouldn't you want that kind of reach?

But most business owners wonder if I have a limited marketing budget, how can I increase my facebook fan page reach without spending an arm and a leg on PPC advertising?

Here are 15 free ways to increase your Facebook page likes.

1. Shout for Shout is a common tactic for Instagram pages but works extremely effectively for content related to Facebook as well. Take a similar page as yours and have them do a shout for shout, or have their followers go and like your page.

2. Promote your Facebook page on other accounts. Tools like Crowdfire enable you to turn on direct message. In that direct message, you can insert something like "If you like my content on Twitter follow me on Facebook!". The increased engagement on twitter can help you grow your twitter following as well.

3. Comment and share pages that are in your businesses space. Just go to Facebook and search the business you are in and comment on articles or things they publish. The admins of the page will end up recognizing your name and end up liking your page over time.

4. Running contests are still a fantastic way to get more likes for your Facebook page. You can even use your email list to promote the content and have people who only like your Facebook page participate.

5. Offer discounts on your fan page. If the discount is enticing a customer will "like" the Facebook page in order to receive the discount. Georgetown Cupcakes does this with their free cupcake of their day. All customers have to do is "like" their page and say the secret flavor in store and they get a free cupcake!

6. Use in-house tools such as Facebook Insights to identify what types of posts are working and which aren't. Some metrics to look at on your Facebook insights page are shares, engagement, and reach. Quotes tend to work best for engagement and are a great place to start.

7. Tailor content specific to your Facebook audience that your customers want. An easy way is to ask questions using Qualaroo on your homepage. You can ask a simple question like "what should we post on our Facebook page?" which can drive Facebook likes through the roof.

8. Do something unique from offering to call your audience page members or sending them items in the mail like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Anything can make a major difference.

9. Sharing other posts on your page can offer tremendous value to your audience on Facebook. Many times they want the best content and if you can source relevant content that solves their needs they go to your Facebook page as a resource.

10. Commenting on blogs not only helps with SEO, but with increasing the reach of your Facebook fan page as well. For example, if you are commenting on Ramit Sethi's Blog, be sure to include your Facebook URL as your blog URL instead of your homepage. If people find your comment interesting, they have a higher likelihood of liking your Facebook page too!

11. Join other Facebook groups and actively engage with like-minded individuals that are in your space. You will automatically find other Facebook group owners that can like your page.

12. Start a Facebook group for your niche. Although there are many groups that already exist, most do not have the level of engagement that makes a community worthwhile. Many business owners do something similar for meetup groups because it drives interest back to the meetup owner's business

13. Use products like Hello Bar to display exit intent pop-ups such as "like us on Facebook". This has worked extremely effectively for digital marketers like Chirag Kulkarni.

14. Drop a link to your Facebook page at the end of your email signature. Many people that read your emails may click on the link and go to your page.

15. Ask your LinkedIn connections to like your page. Because LinkedIn is a heavy B2B focused social network your chances of getting more likes will increase dramatically.
What technique will you use to grow your Facebook page?