The Internet is flooded with all sorts of content every day. For content marketers, identifying ways to cut through the noise to promote quality content in the ever-changing landscape of marketing is crucial. Tools like Buffer make it simple for marketers to push content out through platforms like Babbly, which amplifies content reach. When planned strategically, the combination of quality content and social media tools can boost your content's visibility and increase engagement with your audience.

A challenge many content marketers face is having a steady stream of reliable content. One way to ensure your marketers have content readily available is to set up a series of expert interviews, like what Virtual Logistics did for their clients. "Virtual Logistics had twenty-eight interview based blog posts which were converted into four e-books including one on e-commerce and supply chain integration," says Chris Herbert, founder and CMO of Mi6 Agency. "The experts gained additional exposure. It's a win-win scenario." An archive of interviews benefits everyone involved and is one way marketers can gather plenty of content to utilize.

We asked 22 content experts for their top tips on standing out from the crowd as content marketing continues to evolve:

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Published on: Nov 16, 2015
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