When we need to call a car, we open up the Uber app on our phones and a personal driver shows up where we need it. If we need dinner quickly, there are plenty of delivery apps like GrubHub or Sprig that deliver a ready-made meal right to our door. It's hard to imagine what life would be like without the Uber's of the world; the on-demand economy has made our lives simpler and more convenient.

The on-demand economy is picking up speed. Consumers are now used to getting whatever they want when they want and startups recognize the potential in building platforms that satisfy these needs. Entrepreneurs have saturated the on-demand service industry to the point where consumers are no longer surprised to hear companies like Amazon are starting to deliver monks straight to your home.

Instant services have influenced how we conduct our everyday lives and even how we run our businesses. Here are three effects on our society that we've seen as the result of the rising popularity of the on-demand economy:

Extreme Personalization
Workplace Flexibility
Greater Independence As We Age

Apps and on-demand services are making our lives simpler and convenient; nearly everything we need or could want is now accessible via smartphone and can be delivered to our door in a matter of hours. These technologies are disrupting traditional industries like transportation and home construction, with little sign of slowing down. Once considered innovative and fresh, on-demand services are now an integral part of our consumer society making each of us a part of a larger interconnected, digital community.