It's no secret anymore that companies pay to promote their business in various ways. In this digital age, more and more companies are embracing paid amplification on social media channels. Utilized properly, it can be a powerful tool with which entrepreneurs can encourage unprecedented growth, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to engage with their audience through paid social promotions. Here are three mistakes I commonly see others make when marketing with paid promotion.

1. Lack an Integrated Approach

Simply having a large promotional budget does not guarantee a successful connection with your target audience on social. The key to a successful social media campaign is engaging and channel specific content powered by the right amount of paid amplification. You need to create and leverage content that comes directly from the brand and brand advocates. This is extremely crucial to the process, as it will show readers and consumers that third parties are vouching for and talking about the brand. Therefore, an integrated approach of brand content, user generated content, and social ads is absolutely necessary, and it's a commonly overlooked aspect of social media promotion strategy.

2. No Attempt At Leveraging Paid Content & Engagement

Engaging content is your conduit to connect with your audience on social. Mostly brands don't consider the option of turning to paid influencers for interesting and relevant content. This is where paid word of mouth can boost your marketing strategy. Influencers' content and their following can spark organic conversations about your brand across social media platforms. There are millions of potential influencers and many companies are already starting to reap the benefits of working with targeted influencers on online and offline marketing campaigns. The key is to target and activate the right brand advocate/influencer who can bring your brand in front of the right consumers. Leading influencer marketplaces already connect hundreds of brands and agencies with the right influencers everyday. "Studies show that influencer content affects over 70% of purchasing decisions," says Rohit Vashist, CEO of Sverve. "Finding the right influencers, managing, and measuring their results is now possible with the technology Sverve brings to the market."

3. Forget to Manage, Measure, & Update Your Strategy

A successful marketing strategy requires more attention than simply creating a great integrated strategy and walking away expecting results. It's crucial to measure every part of your marketing strategy, including influencer activation, which is not an easy task. You need to manage work flow, measure both your paid and organic engagements, and frequently change up your marketing copy or imagery to keep your audiences coming back for more. Should you reach out to a company to help with paid promotions, including influencer promotions, getting involved with the right social media partner is crucial. It's more than just a financial transaction; it must be treated like the entrepreneurial relationship it is and be measurable. When measuring results, do a deep dive of how your integrated approach has performed. Examine how paid ads and influencer content have complimented each other and make appropriate adjustments for your next marketing campaign.

Marketers are still figuring out optimal social media marketing strategies. However, an integrated approach that combines owned and paid content with right amplification and performance based tweaks can yield great results.