The shower moment. It's the moment when inspiration and clarity converge to solve a problem or answer a question. Sometimes, often in fact, it happens in the shower because our brain relaxes.

But entrepreneurs and other creative types I know are constantly seeking new ways to find inspiration. If it was as easy as taking a limitless pill or doing yoga, everyone would do it. But not one thing works for everyone--not even the shower.

Nonetheless, here are three places I find inspiration and creative ideas. These work for me, I am sure, in a similar way that the shower works for others. By being focused on other things or thinking differently, my mind relaxes or shifts to unlock new ideas.

I know this won't work for everyone but here are three things and places I often find the inspiration spark (in addition to the shower):

TV Shows. I wrote an article for Inc. back in September aboutthe TV shows entrepreneurs should be watching. So you can tell, I like TV. In part, that's because they help trigger new ideas.

Mad Men, for some reason, works very well for me. If you haven't seen it, you're not only missing a great, amazing show, you may be missing out on some key innovation and idea time. But there are others. Whatever you watch though, don't dismiss the value inspiration that can be found by tuning out through tuning in.

Shark Tank. Alright, it's a TV show too. But watching fellow entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, seeing their passion and hearing the back-and-forth of the pitchers and the sharks is downright inspiring.

Not only do I think it's great for entrepreneurship generally, it really helps me. Maybe it's the combination of relaxing TV watching and the subject matter that works for me. But whatever it is, if you're looking for quality idea time, try the tank.

Kids. Talking to and engaging kids (yours, ideally) is an inspiration winner too.

The ability to see the world differently, through their eyes, is transformative. And also re-charging--it reminds you of what you're working for, why you're doing it. And it's relaxing and recharging that can flip the switch. Kids can offer that sweats spot of energy and relaxation which can really open the mind to new ideas.

Of course, plenty of people find inspiration in a beach chair or while day dreaming. But the common thread--I'm sure even the experts agree--is being able to unwind a bit and not stare directly into the face of your challenge.

My kids, TV and Shark Tank in particular do it for me. What does it for you? Where do you most often uncover the spark of inspiration?

Published on: Mar 1, 2015
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