Entrepreneurship is affecting everything. As entrepreneurs continue to branch out in all directions, we're seeing clear changes in how people interact with these various markets and industries, and it's more exciting than anyone can properly say. One such realm is the world of sports. We're seeing innovation in ways never before thought possible, and it's all thanks to entrepreneurship in many regards. Here are three ways I've seen entrepreneurship change the world of sports.

1. Smaller Companies Means More Personalized Services

One perk of the startup world when it comes to sports is how common small businesses are. A common issue amongst athletes lies with big box stores - they're just too impersonal, and considering how personalized each athlete needs everything to be, that's a problem. Thankfully, entrepreneurs have made more personalized services available, which is creating more opportunities for athletes across the country. Swingbyte CEO Alex Pedenko says, "The wonderful thing about being a sports tech entrepreneur is the application of the tech mindset to the traditionally non-tech world of sports. When I started Swingbyte, I had never swung a golf club, but had a good grounding in math, physics, and computer science. Combining perspectives from those disciplines allowed us to create a more useful and productive way for golfers to practice. It's all about helping golfers on an individual level. There are a million products out there, but none of them seem to accurately help individual people."

2. Safety Is Easier Than Ever

In any sport imaginable, safety is the number one priority, yet there are still countless safety concerns regarding virtually every aspect of every sport. Of course, we've come a long way since leather football helmets and the like, but that doesn't mean there aren't very real concerns still present. Again, that's where entrepreneurship enters the picture. Because there's a strong focus on finding creative ways to solve problems, people have managed to find solutions to serious issues regarding athlete safety, and it's completely changing the game. One particular area of concern is brain health, a universally important issue. "There is clear evidence that there are steps that athletes can take to proactively address recovery and brain health," says Mike Harriett, co-founder of Re:Mind Recover. "Top athletes and teams have already begun to act and others will follow their lead over the coming years. The 'wait and see' approach to brain health must change in order ensure the well-being and safety of all athletes. Thankfully, entrepreneurs are doing just that."

3. It's All About Being The Best You Can Be

There are a lot of correlations between entrepreneurship and sports. They're a team effort; no one gets to the top alone. Knowing how to mesh with people and create relationships is a key to success. Above all else, though, it's knowing that it's all about being the best you can be. No one is ever at their best; there's always room to improve, and this mindset shared by entrepreneurs and athletes alike is pushing both parties to be even better at what they love.