The changes we've seen in marketing over time have been substantial, to put it lightly. Since everything went digital, marketers are working tirelessly to reach new audiences in every way imaginable, including some methods that have been successful and others that have been, well, not quite as inspiring. One trend that's shaping up to be a permanent success is influencer marketing. It's currently changing marketing for good, and here's how.

1. It's Closer To The People

Marketers can pour time and money into their efforts all they want, but at the end of the day, it's up to the individual person - only they can ultimately decide whether or not to engage with a brand. This has been a source of frustration for marketers since marketing first existed. The distance between the marketer and the consumer can be as wide as the consumer wants, but influencer marketing is helping both parties. It allows brands to get closer than ever to their audience, and audiences no longer have to deal with inauthentic attempts for a company to engage with them.

2. It's More Authentic

That's where authenticity enters the picture. Let's be honest with ourselves - a lot of marketing is as natural and organic as plastic. Engaging with brands like this isn't fun, nor does it inspire much hope in the consumer. At the end of the day, any effort to spice up a voice that's naturally inauthentic will fall flat. That's where influencer marketing is changing the game, though. Influencer marketing requires precise knowledge of the audience, so there's no room to be inauthentic. The effort required to properly engage with an audience via influencer marketing demands authenticity, and it's something that benefits audiences in ways traditional marketing only wishes it could.

3. It's Digital Word-Of-Mouth

The single easiest way to sell someone on a brand is to hear it from a trusted source. A friend, a family member, a co-worker - if they say that they like a brand, it's far more likely that a potential customer will be converted. Traditional marketing has nothing on word-of-mouth, which is where influencer marketing stands above the rest - it's essentially digital word-of-mouth. It's how people share brands with one another online, and it's completely disrupting the natural order of things for the better in terms of marketing. "Leveraging influencer marketing properly allows brands to bring the same level of track-ability, predictability and scalability found in digital marketing to word-of-mouth," says Marco Hansell, Founder and CEO of Speakr. "That makes it a dangerous tool in the arsenal of a sophisticated marketer that understands how to authentically use influencer marketing to reach its consumers in a non-intrusive environment."