HR is one of those things that a company can't afford to get wrong. Because it's such a sensitive part of overall operations, entrepreneurs have to ensure that their HR department runs smoothly and effectively. Thankfully, as with everything, tech is stepping in and making the entire industry better. The services provided by HR are launching into the future thanks to automation and integrated services, and it's making companies run smoother as a whole. Here are just a few of the ways tech is disrupting the HR industry.

1. Recruiting Is Better Than Ever

The dawn of the digital era brought with it hiring services that make applying easier than ever. Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, and more allow people to more easily look for jobs, but tech is doing more than offering a job marketplace. It's making the process of recruiting easier than ever. HR managers no longer have to specifically weed people out. Instead, they have the means to search for highly qualified candidates. Tech allows HR managers to focus on the human element, and as we know, finding someone who engages with the company on a personal level is almost as important as finding someone whose resume is a fit.

2.Automation Is Eliminating Human Error

Tech is making automation easier and more accurate than ever, and the effects on the HR industry are astounding. Because HR tends to deal with sensitive issues, humanity is incredibly important. By association, human error has to be avoided at all costs. That's where automation and integrated services enter the picture. Different services can now be managed by integrated tech services, which allows HR managers to focus on what they do best. Pay can be automated. Online billing can be automated. Entire administrative solutions can be integrated, which is providing a more accurate and precise service to a department that can't afford inaccurate information.

"An often overlooked aspect of HR is how the employee interacts with their compensation package, namely benefits, outside of work," comments Monica Hinchey, Vice President, Client Relations and Business Alliance Manager for benefitexpress. "In the mobile age, people want prompt, accurate answers on any screen. That simply can't be provided without an automated HR system. People prefer live data over stagnant records."

3. It's Changing The Standards By Which HR Operates

At the core of everything, HR departments work to make operations smoother on a daily basis. They do so in order to make sure that every employee is in an environment that best suits their professional needs. Now think of all tech does. It increases collaboration. It improves communication. It defines entrepreneurs who want to do something great. In essence, it improves overall quality of life. When your job is to make sure employees are comfortable and function well within an organization, tech makes your life much easier. In fact, tech is completely upheaving standards for HR operations. People can now expect a higher level of performance, which resonates through the entire company.