Whether we're ready or not, technology is here to drive change and it's advancing at a rapid pace. Engineers and tech innovators are forced to think more and more like entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the technology curve and to keep up with the demands of consumers. Technology's accelerated growth makes the future impossible to predict - there's no guide book dictating what new innovations will pop up next.

For some, a huge challenge is finding the right talent fast enough. "We take our time finding the right candidates," says Vadim Vladimirskiy, founder and CEO of ADAR IT. Vadim notes that the ideal candidate needs to be fluent in areas other than technology, like business development and service delivery. In an industry that's rapidly evolving, businesses are looking for individuals who can adapt to ever-changing situations and are willing to take risks.

A startup mentality is one element big technology companies look for in employees when putting together their company team because of a constant need for innovation. These companies also need to be able to look at how technology fits in the big picture and be able to take feedback from their customers to identify where shifts in the market are occurring. Identifying and anticipating where and when these shifts happen is crucial for companies who want to stay ahead of the technology curve. Resilient companies that survive the ever-changing shifts in technology need to secure fresh talent and remain hungry for constant innovation.

Tech innovators won't always correctly predict the future but they can prepare for upcoming changes in the technology landscape. Here are three ways to keep your company agile and ready for new innovations to adopt:

Embrace Continuous Learning
Focus on the Bigger Picture
Introduce Young Entrepreneurs to Tech