Do you have a dream, a passion, a big idea? Is there a job you'd love to have or a place you'd like to visit? People like you leave their jobs, start new businesses, go back to school or launch an idea every day, but you're afraid to make a move towards a better, more fulfilling future. Why?


Fear holds us back from making change. People fear all kinds of things: failure, debt, loss of friendship or family support, bankruptcy, hard work. The list goes on. But there are just as many reasons to let go of that fear and write a new story.

You don't have to be driven by failure or misery to make a change in your career. Sometimes the monotony or lack of passion is enough to spark a new idea and a little motivation. If this sounds like you, here are four reasons to push that fear aside and have some say in your future.

You don't have to change your story all at once.

Quitting your job, picking up and moving across the country or pitching your idea to investors are huge, scary things. However, none of these things need to be or should be done overnight. Beginning a new story, learning a new skill, launching a business takes many steps and that's how you should begin. Take a step. Just get started and take it day by day. Even if you don't have the whole thing planned out perfectly, get going. Begin with research, meet with like-minded professionals or experts who have done what you've done. Start somewhere and know you do not have to accomplish it all at once.

Staying where you are has just as many risks (if not more).

If you're miserable, underpaid or just plain bored, don't you think that not changing your story is scary? There are only so many opportunities to take control and do what you love. Wasting time worrying about the details or pushing off your plans won't make you more comfortable or reduce your fear. You'll just be scared of something else entirely.

There are people who can help you.

You're not alone. Between trusty friends, supportive coworkers, a loving family and experts who have been there, done that, you have at least someone on your side as you start your new journey.

Lisa Hennessy, co-founder of the DreamJobbing platform, has dedicated her business to just that: Supporting those ready to chase their passions. DreamJobbing is a multi-media platform that brings once-in-a-lifetime, and full-time job opportunities together with committed and devoted applicants. Even if you're not taking a career-plunge right now, DreamJobbing features a blog and video section to keep you thinking and inspired.

"I've been there," Said Hennessy. "I've had those mornings where you wake up and you think, 'What am I doing? Is this really how I wanted it to be?' That's what DreamJobbing is all about. It was created to nurture, support, and help those that are taking the leap onto the path that works for them."

Don't feel like you're the only one to have ever made a change and don't assume you'll have to accomplish it all alone. Seek out mentors; find a business partner.

You're not the only one that's scared.

You're not the only one to have done what you're planning to do. Many people have taken these same steps and felt the same fears. Look to the experience and guidance of others to help you maneuver hard tasks and make difficult decisions. Yes, some people have failed, but many have succeeded and that's what matters. Focus on success, learn from others' fear and then do it anyway.

Published on: Nov 9, 2015
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