To be an entrepreneur is to exist in the Twilight Zone, without knowing whether your risks will bear fruit and transform to viable businesses. Testing and questioning your offer's value is a never-ending process. Receiving negative feedback becomes second nature, where small failures comprise a regular aspect of your daily life.

Is it possible to overcome the failures, the excessive multitasking, and the crashing uncertainty so that you can keep to your senses? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to safeguard your focus and productivity from emotional distress.

1. Care for your body

Keeping your body in top condition is a great shield against emotional adversities. You can start by doing the following.

First things first, get a check-up. You have to exclude any possibilities of physical illness, before dealing with your emotions. Physical and emotional symptoms overlap significantly. Only a doctor can give you definitive answers, so try not to jump to conclusions on your own. Misdiagnosis is risky because it leads to mistreatment. If you have panic attacks, make sure to get a heart check-up first, before resorting to anti-anxiety medication.

Finally, step up your physical game. Physical exercise not only prevents a horde of physical illnesses but also improves your mood, makes you think clearly and helps you re-focus your attention. An alternative crowd sourced exercise bike like the Peloton Cycle is a fairly new piece of equipment a lot of busy people are turning to for a quick, powerful workout. If you're the type to want some level of social interaction, Peloton is ideal in providing a two-way interactive workout experience.

2. Know your emotions

There are three undeniable truths about emotions you should know:

3. Observe what you tell yourself

Self-talk is an essential element of daily human function. It is the way people use to keep themselves under control; sometimes silently, others not. It is a method of decision-making, doing, and self-evaluating your effectiveness and efficacy.

To keep your self-talk under control, do the following.

Self-talk goes on indefinitely, without stopping, or withholding, or showing mercy. If you could somehow record all the things mentioned in your self-talk sessions and they play it back again, you would be curious, surprised, and probably embarrassed as well.

Be polite, respectful and show support. The best way to talk to yourself is just like you would to a person you love, who is going through a particularly hard time.

Take a few steps back and look at things from a distance. Assess your objective progress. How long have you travelled? Are you better off today than you were two days before? Is your goal closer and clearer?

And finally, make action questions out of negative statements. Turn "I don't know what to do now" into "what's missing?" or "what options do I have?" or "who is better positioned to help me out?"

4. Network with others

Entrepreneurship is linked with isolation and stress, to the point that it can easily fire up emotional hardships. Getting sucked into your business's needs makes it all too easy to overlook your social needs. However, support from our peers is a cornerstone in the arsenal against anxiety and depression. The existence of understanding, respectful and supportive people in one's life, people who can be trusted, is a powerful shield against mental illness.

A word of caution: Keep in mind that people on social media tend to overemphasize their positive experiences and achievements, while keeping their failures hidden. That's very important to remember if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by other people's successes. Social networking is not a means of social comparison. Everyone has failures. Nobody is immune.

5. Consult a professional

Seeking therapy is not a confession of weakness, nor defeat. In fact, a therapist may do wonders for you, even when you haven't reached your limits. The majority of qualified professionals are in a great position to teach you how to cope with distress and how to better understand yourself. Moreover, they are those whom you can allow a glimpse into your most extreme ideas, without having to worry about being judged or mocked.