Startups typically lack funding and promises of investments, which can create an issue when it comes to paying for top notch developers and crucial staff. You can still attract top developers with a small budget. Be creative and transparent in your approach. Discuss the immediate and long-term goals of the startup along with potential areas for advancement within the company to get the interest of top talent.

Have a Presence on Job Boards

Having access to the most current pool of job seekers is a good way to see who is available, what experience they have and the salary expected. A recent survey conducted by LinkedIn showed that 30-percent of 1,600 of those surveyed find recruiting highly skilled talent a top priority. From here, you can weed out those that lack the experience you require, the skills your startup does not need or those with unrealistic salary expectations.

From simply having a presence on job boards, those looking for contract work or extra work will come to you. They will be interested in your startup, what the vision for it is, and what your startup has to offer in the long-run.

Consider a Remote Developer

A remote developer may work better for your startup to reduce some overhead. For some developers, working in a comfortable environment helps them to maintain high-quality and remain productive. It is important, even when hiring a top developer remotely, to schedule a face-to-face meeting. The developer needs to understand that you are a startup and are limited on funds. A top developer that has a real interest in your product will overlook the discrepancy in-pay.

A written intent or promise to increase pay as the startup grows and begins to fund itself is also ideal. It will help the developer to understand that you realize that their work is hard, requires education, and competitive pay.

Freelance Contracted Options

A freelance situation may be ideal for attracting the talent your startup needs. Freelancers work for contracted periods of time. What this can do for your startup is secure a developer and give yourself time to allocate additional funding to properly compensate the developer. An ideal situation for contracting a freelance developer is in the virtual reality industry. The fact of the matter is, augmented reality developers have fun doing their jobs and in some cases, will trade the fun of the project for the lack of pay to help watch something they helped create become a trend.

Offer Relocation Assistance

The perfect top notch developer for your startup may be on the other side of the country, or even the other side of the world. Offering to assist with relocation is enticing and may be enough to make the developer you truly do want pack up and sign onto work with your startup. Offering relocation assistance displays a true want for an individual to be part of your new startup and their talent.

The assistance with relocation is also a good way to negotiate salary to a number that is more practicable for the startup.

Disclose Opportunities for Advancement

One part of a job description that is highly attractive to top developers and skilled professionals is opportunities for advancement. Having room to expand a career, increase salary over time and profit-sharing options, is more attractive to some than a big salary. Stepping into a new realm with new technology is something that can challenge a developer. Developers like a challenge, it is part of what makes their job stressfully fun. It may seem contradictory to say stressfully fun, but developers are typically perfectionists that will continue to work on a project until it does what they command it to do.

Hire According to Company Culture Fit

A company culture that works well together, shares the same work ethics, same goals and same behaviors, operates seamlessly. A well-balanced company culture is attractive to highly-skilled individuals. When searching for a top notch developer that fits your startup's culture, look for a person that will be an asset to maintaining the culture the founders have worked so hard to start building.

Closing Thoughts

One of the things to avoid when searching for the right top developer for your startup is to avoid making promises that cannot be kept. Over-promising can lead to dysfunction, dissatisfaction, and a bruised brand reputation. Communication and transparency are ideal throughout the scouting and hiring phases to ensure that you are not feeding misrepresentations to a potential company asset.

Consider providing industry statistics to display the potential for your startup to dominate a specific industry to show the potential developer the startup's direction in the market.