Air purity is a big issue in the world today. The recent news that many cities around the world are experiencing record levels of air pollution, along with many cities in Europe admitting that they won't reach air quality targets for at least five years, has convinced people and businesses that they need to act of their own accord.

The company Clairy has just released a brand new air purification system that has been intelligently designed to use the power of plants to clean up the air in the home. Plants are natural purifiers of the air, and for the first time they have been successfully harnessed as part of a new commercially available air purification system.

Clairy's new innovation is able to track the amount of pollution in the air and actively reduce it. Both individuals and businesses have a lot to gain from this.

Today, we are going to discuss a little more about how Clairy is hanging the lives of consumers and provide a few lessons for startups who have similar goals as Clairy.

Born by Crowdfunding

This innovation is truly something that has been powered by popular demand. Clairy initiated a highly successful crowdfunding campaign to get its product off the ground. It was an overwhelming success and thousands of dollars were quickly pledged to both the continuing development, production, and marketing of this air purification system.

It's a growing type of funding option that has allowed new innovations like this to become a reality. Clairy has ensured that it has taken full advantage of it. Clairy used it to its advantage through following a few crucial steps.

Demonstration - Clairy takes pride in being completely transparent about the offer on the table. Using the power of video marketing, Clairy offered a full product demonstration to show potential donors how the product worked and what it could accomplish.

Purpose - During their product pitch, they went one step further and geared everything around the purpose of the product. They demonstrated that this product could change the world and put it all into perspective. Clairy has a purpose to make a real difference, and people have responded to that.

Problem Solving - Modern businesses must solve problems. Clairy is a company that understands this. Its entire product line is around solving the problem of air quality and making people more aware of pollution in the home.

Startups can follow Clairy's example when running their own crowdfunding campaigns. Potential investors want to know how products work so videos are a must. In addition to videos, we also suggest showing investors the purpose of the product/service and showing them how it solves a problem. If your campaign can cover these three aspects, you will be able to gain your desired attention from investors.

Technological Superiority

The actual Clairy air purifier has taken the latest technology to make a real difference. This is an elegantly designed flowerpot that seamlessly fits into the home environment. It's part of the latest trend for startups to use brand new technology in order to accomplish things that could never be accomplished before.

Clairy's air purifier uses Wi-Fi to connect their air-purifying product to a dedicated app that can be downloaded to any mobile device. The flower pot is fitted with advanced sensors to take air samples in real-time and monitor the number of pollutants currently in the air.

Customers have the potential to track everything from humidity, temperature, and pollution analysis. It's by far one of the most advanced options on the market today.

The Potential of the Air Purifier

This is a convenient and cost-effective air purification system that requires no technical experience to use. It operates practically self-sufficiently. As soon as it has been set up in the home, it will operate primarily without the input of the user. It checks all the boxes in terms of what a successful product should be.

Entrepreneurs are well-known for focusing on trying to do as much as possible in order to stand out. The way to have the biggest impact is by concentrating on a single issue. It is important to go out of your way to take a big problem and concentrate all of your efforts on coming up with a solution for it.

What Next?

The brand new air purification system has acquired the funding it needs to begin its operations on a commercial scale. The product has been developed and it can now be put into full scale production. Clairy has yet to provide an accurate timescale as to when these new air purifiers will be available to the general public, but those who donated to the crowdfunding campaign will be the first to receive them.

Product testing has been more successful than expected and Clairy has already stated its desire to begin scaling and rolling out this revolutionary air purification system.

Clairy has demonstrated that this is the way to make your startup a success.

What do you think is the most important aspect of successful entrepreneurs?