Marketing a new brand is a big undertaking that involves a wide array of challenges and obstacles. But when done right, a brand transformation can bring exciting new opportunities for growth.

Careful planning is essential. A conscientious focus on budgets and strategic milestones for implementation will help ensure an effective rebranding process that customers will understand and appreciate.

If you've recently rebranded your business, here are some important guidelines to remember while introducing your new brand to your prospects and customers.

Good Communication is Key
According to Matthew Kinsman, CEO at BaseCreate, "Customers who are already loyal to the brand deserve to be informed about the upcoming changes. It is essential to assure current customers that the new brand is a positive transformation and will not affect the service and commitment that the business has demonstrated thus far."

When announcing the rebrand to customers, your business' blog, email announcements, regular mail, social media and press releases can all be effective communication methods. The key is to communicate the new brand to all your customers so there's no confusion. Keeping your audience informed will prevent the rebranding from backfiring and causing frustration. The more your customers know about your marketing activities, the more they'll appreciate the changes and improvements. Remember that 80% of your future revenue will come from only 20% of your clients according to Gartner.

Applying Your New Brand to Your Website

Chances are, your audience turns to your website when searching for deals, coupons, promos, news and updates. So this should be the first place you apply your new logo. Once your logo is introduced, start redesigning the other aspects of your website, such as fonts, color schemes, and even the site's functionality and usability. Make sure the new site is just as (or more) attractive and usable as the old site. Your goal is to keep attracting leads and maintaining existing customers, so don't lose your website's appeal, ease of use, and readability.

Applying Your New Brand to Your Social Media

After your website has been overhauled with your new brand, apply the rebranding to your LinkedIn page, Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest. But be careful. When a company is well established within its industry and market, the social-media rebranding process needs to be done with care and intelligent timing. Applying the new brand to every social channel all at once will leave no trace of the familiar brand, which will create frustration and confusion for most customers. On the other hand, introducing the new branding too slowly will make it difficult for customers to differentiate between the new brand and the old. So create a timing strategy that's neither too abrupt nor too slow.

Applying Your New Brand to Your Printed Materials

Even in this digital age, sell sheets and other sales tools play an important role. To reduce the number of customers that need to be informed of your new brand, it's important to introduce the brand to your prospects and leads via printed materials. Be sure to focus on all collateral used by your sales force, such as business cards and any brochures and stationary they may carry. From major changes like your new logo, down to the small aspects such as rounded corners, treat every detail as important. Customers and leads will notice it all.

Applying Your New Brand to Your Company Uniforms

In many ways, your company's uniforms are an effective means of communicating your new brand. Simple aspects such as the new logo and updated colors stand out significantly on new company uniforms. Remember, it's important to tell your staff to reflect your company's new brand with pride by being in full uniform and wearing it neatly.

Applying Your New Brand to Your Company Vehicles

Professionally designed vehicle wraps are effective platforms for displaying your new brand. Local businesses reach large numbers of people through the advertising on company cars and vans. By conspicuously placing the new colors, logo, and other design elements onto your vehicles, you instantly gain affordable marketing. For the maximum effectiveness, apply wraps to your entire fleet of company vehicles. This will provide the highest impact for your new brand as your cars and vans are seen throughout your local areas of operation. If your business' vehicles already display messaging with your old brand, consider removing the old and replacing it with new wraps. Or, if your company will soon be replacing its cars and vans with new vehicles, you might decide to wait until you can apply your brand to the updated fleet.

Applying Your New Brand to Your Company Signage

Don't neglect to rebrand your signage! And don't cheat. Your customers will notice if you force a different logo onto an old, existing sign at your storefront. So if necessary, order a new sign that's designed specifically to fit the new logo. And, as always, make sure the sign is attractive and minimalistic. Don't cram too much information into too small of a space.

Enjoy the Process!

Yes, rebranding is a laborious process with a lot of moving parts. You're sure to feel overwhelmed at times. In moments of stress, remember that your company's rebranding efforts will pay off with careful planning and smart work. Remember to enjoy the process, and look forward to the benefits your company will enjoy once the dust has settled and your work is done.