Emails are a real distraction in the workplace. 23% of time wasters are spending most of their time on email. However, they are a fundamental part of the workplace. There's no getting away from them. If you want to stop email distractions at work, there are strategies you can implement. You will get more time back and you'll stay on-target.

Pyrus is one such tool. This is a revamped email communication platform that turns your email conversations into tasks, so you can make sure that you are only focusing on the emails that matter most. But there are so many more options than that to stop email distractions at work.

You're going to learn about some of the ways you can overcome distractions at work.

Shut It Down

Not for one second should you completely disengage from emails to improve productivity at work. What you should do is set aside a time every day for when you will browse your emails. This may be in the morning or it may be in the evening. It's entirely in your hands. Outside of these designated times you will switch off any alerts while you get on with your work.

The pressures of a deadline will force you to work more productively. You will better able to focus because you know that as soon as those 30 minutes elapse it's time to get back to work.

Place the Most Important People First

One of the reasons why email can quickly become a distraction is because you are spending all your time responding to people who aren't sending you anything worthwhile. Google's Gmail email platform recognized this, which is why they created three tabs in order to keep everybody separate.

Now all those Facebook notifications go somewhere else entirely. Pyrus is another platform that can do this because you can create teams. The idea behind it is that team chat can be combined with email, thus ensuring that you are not spending time on both.

But in general the best option is to segregate people, so during work hours you are only dealing with the most essential communications.

Why Use Email at All?

Remember what email was originally designed for. It was supposed to help you to send messages that didn't require an immediate reply. Yet in some offices it's turned into something that covers for all other forms of social media communication. This is something that you need to get rid of.

Instead of getting distracted by an email, go out of your way to ask someone directly. If you need to tell a colleague something, tap them on the shoulder and tell them about it. Not only will you prevent email distraction on your side, but you'll prevent email distraction on their side.

A Central Arena

Managing a large project requires you to organize people. One of the most common reasons for project failure is the fact that not everyone has the same information. It's easy to forget who knows what when you have a team of ten people. This is when emails can get distracting because you may be having the same conversation on ten different occasions.

You need a central platform where everyone can get the same communications. This way you're not spending your time bringing people up to speed.

Pyrus brings together group chat and email as part of a central platform. This central platform is a place where every single member of the group can see exactly what they need to know. It's also a place where everyone can ask and answer questions, so you don't have to rely on spending your time sending constant emails.

Is Email Always the Best Way to Communicate?

This article touched upon it early, but it's worth bringing up the range of communication methods available. You don't always have to use email as your primary method of communication. Sometimes it's best to switch up your methods of communication so you can get answers faster and stop overloading your inbox.

Options like video conferencing calls, face-to-face meetings, and even task management platforms are ideal for this.

Conclusion--Putting an End to Email Distractions

Tools like Pyrus have changed the playing field through combining two key methods of staying in touch with your team. To truly prevent email distractions, though, it's necessary for you to develop a certain amount of self-discipline.

Email is such a killer because it's easy to get carried away with it. Develop that self-discipline and make sure you stay focused.