Willpower is something that a good portion of society lacks. In some cases, it is lack of support to achieve goals and succeed. For others, it could be that they feel undervalued. There has to be something to look forward to in order for your willpower to improve which also improves efficiency and productivity.

Bundle Temptations

Temptations are everywhere. It is hard not to give into temptation sometimes, especially if it is a guilty pleasure like a decadent dessert or expensive steak dinner, for example. Bundle your temptations into groups and work on an avoidance plan. When you categorize temptations into smaller bundled groups, they are easier to manage and tower over, not giving in.

Instead of giving into your temptations, realize what you should be doing and focus on the task/s at hand instead.

Set Small Goals

Rather than setting nearly unattainable goals, set smaller milestones instead. The stress from trying to reach goals can actually decrease your willpower to succeed. Studies show that 27-percent of participant responses said that willpower was a difficult barrier to change. Willpower can be taught and learned, it just takes a general want and willingness to broaden your horizons and accept change.

If you want something bad enough, you will reach whatever goal you set for yourself. Determination and motivation are two necessary ingredients to increasing personal willpower. In other words, set your eye on the prize and do not stop until you are successful.

Reward Yourself

You have to take time to reward yourself for not backing down on something that you usually give into or saying no when you always say yes. Little rewards boost your willpower and self-confidence. Rewards are incentives for yourself to continually improve, become a stronger-willed person and more noticeable in the workplace. Stronger willed people are often more successful in the workplace because they do possess the willingness and determination to show leadership skills, solve problems and gain respect from co-workers.

Forget Quitting Anything Cold Turkey

Quitting things cold turkey, especially by setting New Year's resolutions, is almost immediately setting yourself up for failure. Resolutions are usually created for positive results stemming from negative beginnings. Everyone is geared up for changes, new personas and new lifestyles, until they realize how much work it is and how much time they don't have to keep up on maintaining self-made promises.

Instead of creating a resolution each and every New Year (or any time of the year), set small goals. An example here would be to work out twice a week for the whole year or slimming down two or three pants sizes over the course of the year. These are more attainable approaches to resolutions that make it seem more like a small goal or milestone.

Track Progress

Keep a little notebook or counter to track your progress. Set personal traits/characteristics to work on and write a little note when you accomplish something. This helps you see that you are making changes, you are improving, and the changes you are making are relevant.

At the end of each week, take a few minutes to go over your accomplishments for the week. Write yourself a little note to boost your self-confidence about what you did accomplish on your list of things to improve your personal willpower.

Reduce Stress

Stress is just draining. When you have more stress in your life than you can handle, your drive to succeed seems to be missing. Consider meditating or developing a relaxation routine to help you focus on your goals.

Accept Failures

Bad habits are hard to break. When you cannot break the cycle of bad habits, your willpower goes right out the door with them. Habits become routines, routines are hard to stop. You will have minor failures, minor slips in judgment, and setbacks. This does not mean that you have to start over, you pick up where you left off and keep going. Learning to accept failures and move forward is a difficult act, but it is not impossible in any way. Think about what went wrong and how to prevent it from occurring again.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your willpower and improving how relevant it is requires a few lifestyle changes. It may help to work with a life coach to help you teach yourself that your life has value, you can succeed and give you tips to increase your willpower, help you with your ability to say no, and put more checkmarks in the successful column of life. Sometimes you just have to remember that it is okay to say no and put yourself first in order to maintain self-worth, dignity, and work on improving your willpower.