Do you remember why you travel? If you're an accommodations provider, the majority of marketing strategies out there show that you might not. With so many property managers marketing their properties from the perspective of how lush and accommodating their vacation home/condo/hotel suite is, it's easy to forget why you travel in the first place! It's not for the well-appointed master suite, the continental breakfast, or even the killer beach-side location: it's for the experience. Of course, marketing that experience seems like a near impossibility; even if you offer that luxurious beach side condo in the heart of the most enjoyable travel locale, there are sure to be several right next door, each offering what you have.

Fortunately for the travel industry and their guests, Xplorie changes all of this.

For over 20 years, Xplorie (formerly known as ASI) has given travelers a better choice, and property managers an ace in the hole. Through its customized activity programs, Xplorie arms property managers with the ability to provide complimentary passes to many of the most popular local attractions and activities, including complimentary golf, skiing, deep sea fishing, ziplining, and hundreds more. This gives property managers something unique to market when trying to fill their properties, and travelers the ability to truly enjoy and experience the vacation they spend their hard earned money on! In other words, instead of focusing on the property itself, Xplorie speaks directly to today's travelers looking for experiences that will transform their vacation into memories that will last a lifetime--rather than just a nice place to spend the night.

What it Means for the Property Management Company

If you're a property manager, being able to offer complimentary daily admission to popular local activities could be just the ammunition you need to start bringing in more business than ever before! Reservationists can increase call conversions without discounting and costly promotions, all while you drive referral business as a result of improved positive reviews; after all, nothing generates customer goodwill like over $250.00 of free activities per day!

Above all, however, this experience based marketing strategy can help improve guest loyalty and occupancy, as guests return year after year to enjoy all the great activities that makes your market a popular vacation destination. Throw in the fact that, as your owners' occupancy and revenue increase (alongside your own), homeowners will be chomping at the bit to use your property management services, and it's easy to see why Xplorie is the property management company's newest marketing game changer.

What it Means for Travelers

At its core, Xplorie provides guests with exactly what they want: Fun for free. With complimentary passes to the area's best local attractions, as well as a better overall value for their vacation dollars, Xplorie is changing the way people vacation. What's more, is that Xplorie activity programs are designed to include activities for every member of the family or group, whether it is snorkeling for mom, horseback riding for dad, or ice skating for the kids, Xplorie activity programs have something for everyone. Opposed to discount programs that may offer 10% or 20% off local activities, Xplorie is a breath of fresh air, opening up all that your destination has to offer.

Xplorie for the Traveler and the Property Manager

Whether you're a property manager looking for that extra marketing edge or a traveler trying to find something to do on your next big trip, Xplorie gets the job done. It is truly one of the most unique platforms you'll ever find, and one that is poised to be a game changer in the travel industry.