Entrepreneurs are, by nature, rule-breakers. They actively fight against the status quo, and they're never truly satisfied with anything. The entrepreneurial mindset isn't for everyone, and that's perfectly okay; no one can exactly fault someone for wanting stability and consistency in their life. Some of us are crazy like that, though, and we throw everything on the line to see what'll happen. Entrepreneurs break a lot of rules, and it's what keeps them pushing forward. Here are three things every entrepreneur does that goes completely against common sense.

1. Work/Life Balance Is A Thing Of The Past

There are a million articles and studies out there praising the benefits of a proper work/life balance, and for good reason. However, ask any entrepreneur if their work day is done when they go home, and the answer is a resounding, "No." Entrepreneurs thrive on work; it practically sustains them, so it's no surprise that they're excited to keep powering on long after five o'clock rolls around. Entrepreneurs break the work/life rule by nature because their work is their life. We're obsessed with it, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Jason van den Brand of Lenda tells me, “The first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night is related to your company, and most others won’t ever understand that rush. It’s like jumping out of a plane with a needle, thread, and some fabric, and seeing if you can create the worlds best parachute in time.”

2. Plans Are Thrown Out The Window

Every entrepreneur has a dream. They know what they want and they'll do whatever it takes to get there. The actual "getting there" part, though? There's a reason entrepreneurs don't share the same background stories very often, and it's because we each go a different route, even if we share similar mindsets. We thrive when we think on our feet, finding pre-planned options somewhat boring. It's all about disruption and shaking the world up a bit, and there's no way to do so without straying from the beaten path. Peter Melby of Greystone Technology tells me, "I don't want a five year plan because it limits me. I'd rather let my plans evolve as my view of the world grows. I'm in a much more exciting place than I even knew existed when I was younger and I expect that to true for the future as well."

3. Personal Finances No Longer Exist

Startup founders are crazy. In fact, they're absolutely nuts when you consider the amount of stress they knowingly place upon themselves. Everything in the world can go wrong, and somehow they push forward amidst it all. This includes placing their personal finances on the line, going against just about every safe and decent personal finance rule possible. Why? It's in their blood. It's pure dedication, and they'll let exactly zero barriers get in the way, even if it means spending their own money. Ryan McQuaid of PlushCare shared his story with me, and it's going to sound familiar to a lot of people. "After launching PlushCare, I had only a few classes remaining at Haas B-School. Although I could have managed to complete them, I dropped out with $80k in student loans. I saw more value in showing my team that I’d be willing to make whatever personal sacrifice necessary for our cause of delivering health and happiness to every individual in the world."Is it remotely rational? No, and in their own way, neither are entrepreneurs. That's what makes it so fun.

Published on: Aug 24, 2015