Email add-ons are a great way to streamline your business. It's not uncommon for executives to experience email overload. You need to overcome that through making sure that you are prioritizing your time on the communications that matter most. The best email add-ons for your business are the ones that give you more time back.

Whether you need more time for online marketing or just need to make sure you get through everything by the end of the day, we recommend these email add-ons.

1. Rapportive--Making Your Sidebar Useful

Rapportive is an add-on specifically designed for Gmail. Users of Gmail will be well aware of the sidebar that's crammed full of ads, or that empty space if you happen to be using an ad blocker. This is wasted space that could be put to good use.

Every time you look at your sidebar with this ad, you will have important information about the contact you are reading an email from at that time. It will come with a picture, social media links, and recent social media updates.

You can use it with any major browser and it will ensure you never have to waste any time searching for the background of your contact ever again.

2. AwayFind--Get Your Productivity Back

It's not uncommon for an employee to spend most of their day checking emails. This is a serious problem for businesses when it comes to productivity. AwayFind is an add-on that will enable you to make sure that you are only spending your time on the most important communications.

You set the parameters of this add-on and you will automatically receive an SMS alert when one of those crucial messages appear. This will remove the need for you to constantly monitor your inbox throughout the day because you know you already have something else doing it for you.

3. ActiveInbox--Turn Your Email Inbox Into a Task Management Center

ActiveInbox is an add-on aimed at task management. This is one tool that will make email management a breeze, especially if you happen to be using Gmail. Rather than seeing an email, you will see a task. All emails relevant to a certain task or project will be lumped together. Wading through a swamp filled with irrelevant communications will be a thing of the past.

It's a completely free tool that works with both Firefox and Chrome. You can even use it along with your various mobile devices.

4. NudgeMail--Never Forget a Reply Again

NudgeMail is an email add-on that will enable you to gain more time for thinking about a reply without forgetting to reply altogether. If you need some time to think about that long reply, NudgeMail will make sure you don't forget to make that reply.

How you define those important tasks is entirely up to you. NudgeMail will allow you to set some parameters and when those parameters elapse, such as not replying to an email after 24 hours, you will receive an alert. What makes this a great option is the fact that it comes with a number of integration features.

For example, you can connect it with Google Calendar.

5. Grexit--A Simple Team Management System

Grexit is perhaps the simplest add-ons you can take advantage of. It brings together your entire team and stores team messages in one central location. This is now a central inbox that everyone can access. Now you don't need to worry about whether every team member has the information they need to continue their work.


These email add-ons will help you to keep productive. They have already benefitted thousands of businesses. Which email apps will you use today?