Whenever you think about company reviews, Google Reviews or Yelp usually comes to mind; and for those who really take reviews seriously, this extends to Bing and Yahoo reviews. The truth is that while these are generally the most publicized and therefore important reviews, there are actually quite a few more places online where consumers can find reviews of your company. For some, these more "unique" places for reviews are even more meaningful.

It's important that you are aware of all the different places people are reviewing your business not only so you can monitor and respond to reviews, but also so that you can work on earning more reviews in these types of places. Fortunately, it's easy once you know where to look.

Unique Places to Look for Reviews of Your Company

Consumer Reports. This is a website that centers around customer reviews. Consumers can search by category, customize what types of businesses they see and manage research, and use a 5 star rating system to leave a review. Consumer Reports also pulls reviews from other sources on the Internet as well as publish long-form reviews that they find online. The site ranks reviews by credibility--date, experience, source, etc.-- so it works to give users the full picture. In short, users don't have to compare products based on reviews through their own research because that's what Consumer Reports are for. Currently, the site has 7.3 million subscribers and an annual testing budget of nearly $21 million.

Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is a website that allows a user to type in any business and then see what's called the BBB accreditation standards, meaning that the BBB is actually doing the reviewing of the business. They are a nonprofit organization and their goal is to emphasis on how businesses should treat the public, so as a small business owner it's important that you have a good review here. This is considered one of the most legitimate review sites out there, and it does publish customer review summaries, so if you have a bad review here you have some work to do. The BBB provides business reviews on more than 4 million businesses to over 100 million requests from consumers per year.

Insider Pages. This is a user-generated review site that uses a 5-star rating system and focuses on local business. It may not sound like much, but Google consistently indexes the reviews posted here. You can see how recently a review was posted (and it almost always seems to be within the hour) and can search by city or category. The review site is completely free so it may not be as trusted as your BBB or Consumer Reports, but it's definitely a place to keep an eye on in case you get reviewed.

Glassdoor. This website is a little bit different than the others on this list because it's not necessarily a review of your business for consumers, but rather it's for potential employees, meaning consumers probably won't go here to learn about whether or not they want to buy from your company. However, this is important not only because you want to have a good reputation online, but Glassdoor is also very prevalent on Google SERPs. If someone types in a general query such as "X business's reviews," Glassdoor will likely come up even if it's focus is on the work environment of the business. Glassdoor uses a 5-star rating rich snippet so it will show up in the SERPs, and there is always a small description.

CitySearch. CitySearch used to be one of the bigger and more popular places to go when looking for reviews, but now you're more likely to navigate to this page because it showed up as a result on Google. CitySearch is it's own local search engine so users simply visit the site, type in a business name, and then a full list of reviews will pop up for you to check out.

A Few Extra Notes

Of course, there are many more places online where you can find reviews, particularly places that are industry-specific. For example, UrbanSpoon and OpenTable are huge for the restaurant industry. Something like ZocDoc is important for those in the medical field, and service-based businesses should pay attention to Angie's List. For an even longer list of places where you may see online reviews for your business, check out this article from HubSpot.