The historically-low unemployment rate has created an applicant-driven economy, meaning employers need to sell top talent on joining their teams now more than ever. And one of the most engaging ways to get job seekers excited about joining your team is through a recruitment video. 

According to a study from Cisco, recruitment agencies see 800 percent more engagement with job ads that have video embedded than those that do not. Another study from Wordstream, a search marketing company, found that video generates 1200 percent more shares than simple images or text, meaning your job openings are more likely to be shared if they include video. 

Recruitment videos can be posted on your company's careers page and social media, and shared with job seekers in proactive outreach, ultimately helping you attract top talent for your team. Below, I've outlined a few tips for your team to make the most of recruitment videos. 

1. Describe your organization's culture.  

While job seekers can read about your open roles and benefits in your job descriptions and on your careers page, the most engaged applicants want to learn about your company culture firsthand. This enables job seekers to envision whether or not they'll be a fit for your team. A recruitment video gives you the perfect opportunity to do this. 

To describe your culture, employees featured in your recruitment video can share an overview of your core values or what they like most about working for your company. By watching the video and gaining a better understanding of your culture, prospective job applicants can almost immediately tell whether or not they align with the core values and environment being described.

2. Share employee testimonials. 

In addition to highlighting what they like most about working for your organization, you should also encourage employees to share stories about their personal experience on your team in your recruitment video. Include a mix of employees from different departments and levels of seniority, to showcase the career opportunities your team has to offer.

You might have an employee who has been with your team for several years and has been promoted several times. Or another employee who worked in a few different departments before finding his or her ideal role. Both are great examples for you to highlight in your recruitment video, as interested job seekers can see that your team empowers employees to grow and control their career paths. 

3. Include insight from your leaders. 

Not only are employee testimonials from individual team members compelling to include in your recruitment videos, but you should also highlight a member or two from your leadership team. For example, your CEO can participate in the video and share why he or she founded the organization and describe the company's overall vision. Hearing first hand from your leadership team can help motivate job seekers to join your team. 

4. Take job seekers on an office tour. 

A big draw for job seekers today - especially for Millennials and Generation Z -- is the physical space in which they'll be working. Including a brief office tour -- or simply filming your recruitment video in different spots around the office -- can help potential applicants understand your company's environment. In your video, you can showcase collaborative working spaces, conference rooms and whiteboarding space, and your kitchen or other entertaining areas in your office. 

5. Add a call to action. 

While some customers, prospects and others might watch your recruitment videos, most of your viewers are likely prospective job applicants. The content in your video will make job seekers eager to learn more about next steps and join your team. At the end of the video, include a call to action that includes a link to your open roles, making it easy for job seekers to apply as soon as possible. 

Depending on the resources you have available, you can either produce a more informal recruitment video internally or invest in partnering with a production company for a more professional look. Given today's competitive hiring market, your team needs to go the extra mile to attract top talent and recruitment videos are an effective piece to any successful hiring strategy.