While the unemployment rate is at a record low -- and continues to decrease -- up to 90 percent of U.S. employees would be open to new job opportunities. But the competitive hiring market means job seekers have countless options when it comes to their next career moves.

According to a recent study from LinkedIn, while employees are open to new opportunities, they don't want to waste time on employers or open roles that aren't a fit. The LinkedIn report outlined the top information candidates want to learn through their first touchpoint with a prospective employer. The list includes: job details, salary range, company overview, job title, company culture and company mission. And the perfect place to outline all your information is the careers page on your website.

Tech giants like Apple and Netflix have mastered their careers pages. And while your team might not have the same resources as these large companies, you can learn a few lessons from how they position key information on their careers pages. I've pulled together some tips below.

Maintain a Dedicated Careers Page

Many businesses make the mistake of simply listing their jobs on the company overview page, and don't share much else beyond job titles and descriptions. Apple recently redesigned its careers website and it serves as a central hub for prospective applicants to learn about careers with the company.

Apple's careers website is easy to access from the brand's home page and is full of rich content to engage top talent. The main page leads with a compelling statement, "Do more than you ever thought possible. Have more impact than you ever imagined," to get job seekers excited about joining the team and making a true impact. The careers website also has several photos and videos to show candidates what it's like to work for Apple and get an overview of the company culture.

Netflix also leads its jobs page with a compelling statement, "A great workplace combines exceptional colleagues and hard problems, as well as engaging photos and video. The site includes several different pages for job seekers to navigate through, including an overview of each team, locations, inclusion and diversity efforts, and Netflix's work life philosophy.

So what can your team do to take a similar approach to Apple and Netflix with your careers site? Build a dedicated career page -- or even a microsite -- and keep it updated with compelling content such as an overview of your open roles, team, benefits and culture. According to the LinkedIn study, 69 percent of job seekers find the company overview to be a key factor in whether or not they decide to join a company, while 40 percent say the same about company culture. And make sure to link back to your careers site when you share open roles from social media, job boards and other channels.

Highlight Career Paths and Employee Success Stories

One of the most compelling aspects of Apple's new careers site is that the company highlights employees success stories and potential career paths across across departments. Within each department, Apple shares the types of projects candidates will have the chance to work on, to get a sense of day-to-day life on the job.

Candidates can get a sense of the engineering work, medical research, environmental initiatives and what it's like to work in a retail store during a new product unveiling. And on these pages, Apple uses a lot of "you" statements, so applicants can truly picture themselves as members of the team.

Netflix follows a similar format on its team page, leading with a statement, "Find Your Dream Team." Each team is broken down with its own description, so candidates can get a feel for working on that specific team, rather than simply at Netflix as a whole. Netflix also highlights specific success stories on its diversity and inclusion page, such as a video about women in technology, which is a hot topic across industries in the technology space.

Career paths are one of the most factors for employees when it comes to accepting new roles and sticking with companies for the long haul. To engage top talent, your careers page needs to include career paths across departments, and success stories and testimonials from employees who have risen through the ranks on your team.

The competitive job market means it's an applicant-driven economy and your team needs to do everything possible to sell quality candidates on the opportunity of joining your team. By following in the footsteps of known brands like Apple and Netflix and investing in a strong careers page, you can stand out from the competition and build a top-notch team.