If you spend most of your day at the desk, you know the feeling. Your back is tight, your hips are stressed, and at the end of a long day stuck in the virtual world, just getting up and walking feels borderline unnatural.

The simple exercise below, called the thoracic bridge, was recently posted on lifehacker.

Don't mistake it for a full workout; you should still schedule a run or some time at the gym. But it will loosen your hips and shoulders. It's a quick and effective way to relieve some of the stress that comes with spending hours and hours lurched over your keyboard. I can vouch, having practiced it daily since seeing it since seeing it last week.

It will take you two and a half minutes to learn, and less time to put into practice.

Stiff joints and muscles aren't the only perils of office work. Among the horrifying findings: men who spend 23 hours per week in a sedentary position are at 64 percent greater risk of dying of heart disease than those who report 11 or less sedentary hours.

Aside from the exercise highlighted above, consider scheduling and encouraging walking meetings, as well as frequent breaks. Allowing your employees to get up and walk around every fifteen minutes or so can go a long way.

Published on: Dec 11, 2013