Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, whose book Lean In lit up the business world last year with its message for an empowered female workforce, will be updated and repurposed this year for college students and recent grads.

Lean In For Graduates will include a letter from Sandberg and six new chapters, according to USA Today. The new chapters will be written by authors other than Sandberg. Those new chapters will include tips on topics pertinent to fresh members of the workforce, including interviews and negotiating a first salary.

Interestingly, one chapter will also focus on advice for millennial men, suggesting a parallel in leaning in along generational and gender lines.

By dipping in to the college market, Sandberg will direct her message to a younger generation of potential woman leaders. (Not to mention hawk a whole bunch of new sales by growing her customer base.)

The original edition of Lean In has sold more than 1.5 million copies and has found plenty of champions in male business leaders, who said the book helped them understand both how women struggle to advance in the workplace and why that struggle can mean bad news trouble for their companies and the larger economy.

Along those lines, it's useful for leaders to try and grasp the issues facing millennials and recent grads of either gender as they continue to move into the workforce. Whether that means reading Sandberg's new edition or any other resource for recent graduates is up to you, but leaning in to meet them half way can only help bridge generational gaps.