You might want to start making time for things that blow your mind. Why? It might make you more productive. At least, so finds a study recently published in Psychological Research

Over three different experiments, researchers Melanie Rudd, Kathleen Vohs, and Jennifer Aaker saw that awesome experiences led people to feel like they had more time available, were less impatient, and were more focused on the present moment. This kind of attitude carries residual mental and physical health benefits, the study finds--not to mention business benefits.

So what qualifies as awesome?

Travel, star gazing, seeing large quantities of things, and terrfic art all rank highly, reports The Atlantic in an article on the research. Of course, these sorts of experiences require time and money that you might not have available.

But those who were subject in the study were judged just on videos they were exposed to, of things like nature and parades. A mindbending YouTube video, then, or reading a newspaper from another culture might accomplish in bite-sized bits during the day the same ends as a trip to Pompeii.

Meditation and walks through nature, The Atlantic says, might also work.