As an entrepreneur getting your business in front of the right customers can be a challenge. One of the best ways to do this is to create engaging content that makes customers want to visit your website, read your content and eventually buy your product or service. But, your customers are lost in a blizzard of content. According to Word Press, some 92,000 new articles are posted on the Internet every day. Meanwhile, attention spans keep shrinking and distractions abound. So how can your business be the shiny object? How do you get more eyeballs, clicks, and engagement? Promote after you post.

The promotional strategy for content should be a mix of relationship building, tools and follow-up strategies. Read on for some simple ways to spread your words.

Medium, Quora and Reddit, Oh My

Publishing on Medium as a guest blogger is a smart way to extend your reach. Tag your content in so people can find it under relevant categories and be as specific as possible. This makes your story easier to find and helps you connect to the right audience.

Quora is a great place to showcase your expertise. With more than 40 subject areas to choose from, you're bound to find questions you can answer. Use them as a springboard for your content. Share a short, smart opinion and post your link.

Reddit is another great way to expand your impact.  To get the most interaction on your article, post to Subreddit(s) and match your content to the right audience. Once your piece is posted, remember to follow and participate in the conversation. This can be a fairly unfettered digital environment so don't let the thread get out of control. Monitor and respond to posts as needed.

Instagram Gratification

Consider utilizing Instagram and YouTube over other platforms for promotional purposes. By helping people take a peak inside your business, you help them get to know you better and your business better. While Instagram provides a way to share photos, the platform doesn't allow you to post live hyper-links. You can, however, post 15-second Instagram Stories in real-time.  You also have the option to edit these video bites before posting. Be forewarned, your Instagram Story will disappear 24 hours after it is posted.

Don't forget to add hashtags to your Instagram posts. According to a study by, posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6 percent more engagement.  

For content promotion, videos are an excellent way to engage your audience, and Youtube is the best place to post them. Youtube provides a more long-range content opportunity because people can subscribe to your channel.

If you are cultivating a reputation as an influencer, private groups can be a smart way to extend your impact. Do a search on Facebook or Youtube for private groups that cover topics germane to your messaging and brand. These groups are closed and acceptance is based on your engagement and brand following.

Link Your Content with the Right Professionals

LinkedIn also has groups, some open and others you have to ask to join. Once you have access to the groups, you can post your articles, videos and ideas. Just make sure you're in the right place: You don't want annoy people by being too off-topic.  For instance, if you're writing about leadership, you'll get more traction in groups that cater to C-suite level executives.

LinkedIn allows you to comment and link back to your content on other people's posts. Choose people who have an established following. Participating in the conversation helps you elevate your personal brand by connecting to an established expert's followers. Linking to an article or video that offers a divergent opinion is a great way to get noticed. Just don't be snarky or disrespectful or you'll turn people off.

Get Traction Through Common Hashtags and Interesting Photography

Using common hashtags is a simple way to get additional engagement for your content on Twitter. Some hashtags to consider include #ICYMI (in case you missed it), #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) and #FBF (Flash Back Friday).

Another thing to think about is including surprising photos that intrigue your readers and pull people into your content. Sites like Gratisography, Burst and Unsplash offer interesting images to make your content standout. 

Good Old Fashion Advertising

Consider boosting your best posts with a digital ad. If you follow the content ad with a retargeting strategy, you can redirect people to additional related content, thereby increasing your potential reach.

Don't Forget Email

Remember to send your post to your email distribution list. Add a personal note to forward to a friend or colleague who might benefit from your perspective. If your content includes interviews with thought leaders, send them a friendly email with the link and ask them to share it with network.

Tips from Captain Obvious

This should go without saying, but don't forget to post your piece on your business or personal Facebook page. If you have co-writers or your post includes quotes from interviewees, retweet your content to these people to get expanded reach from their network. As long as you're not hung over or having a bad hair day, use your phone to make a quick video promoting your post or go on Facebook Live.